Monday, 12 December 2016


Uniform Policy:
The Uniform offers a range of choice while trying to minimise cost.
(i) School Jumper / Cardigan with School Crest.
(ii) Light Blue shirt: Parents can choose where to purchase.
(iii) Grey ( Charcoal ) trousers / Slacks / skirt: Parents can choose where to purchase. Leggings / Jeggings not acceptable. Skirt material consistent with trousers.
(iv) Black Shoes: Regular Sole Shoes – No Runners.
(v) Choice of School Jacket or School Blazer with crest purchased from school.( If not wearing a school jacket / blazer no other jacket is allowed) School HalfZip for Sports.
(vi) The school does not insist on specific school PE / Sports gear.**
(vii) Due to discipline and security issues the Board has banned the wearing of ‘ Hoodie’ jackets for all pupils from September 2005.

At the meeting of the Board of 2nd December 2016, the Board considered issues relating to the school uniform. The Board agreed that clarification was needed and the definition of school trousers would EXCLUDE leggings, jeggings and that skirts would have to be of material consistent with trousers and be a required length. Blue Cardigan with School Crest would be acceptable as an alternative to the school Jumper with Crest. The amendment would be advised to all partners and the Student Council would be asked to support the implementation of this policy.

The amendments to the Uniform Policy would be effective from January 2017 after the information was relayed to the school community.
Amendment to Uniform Policy specific to P.E.
All students must wear appropriate gear for their own safety and the safety of others while participating in P.E.
This includes:
Tracksuit bottoms, which are not too wide, are a safe length and not trailing on the ground.
An adequate T-shirt, with sleeves and covering the torso.
Shoelaces must be properly tied and not tucked into the sides of shoes.
No chewing gum as this poses a choking hazard in any form of physical activity.
No jewellery – ( including watches ). All body piercing is banned under school rules.
Shorts and football kits are ideal, i.e. G.A.A. / F.A.I. summer camp kits. Any club kit
is also acceptable. All pupils must wear football boots for Gaelic, Soccer and Rugby outside.
The P.E. teacher will be entitled to insist that a pupil change into school gear if he/ she presents in unsafe / unacceptable gear.

The Reasoning behind the School Uniform:
** Makes all pupils equal creates a clear school identity.
** Reduces expense to parents of regularly having to purchase clothes for their children – often at the dictate of fashion.
** Pupils can clearly be distinguished from intruders and makes the school a safer environment for all.
** Represents a visible commitment to the rules and policies of C.C.S.
** Establishes a code of dress appropriate to the image the school wishes to present.
** Reinforces a pride among the pupils in their school, particularly when representing the school on sporting or extra-curricular activities

Enforcement Policy:
To properly enforce the Uniform Policy, the school is again dependent on the support of you, the parents and guardians. It is neither possible nor practical for the school to operate exceptions to this policy, though we acknowledge that there will occasionally be genuine reasons why your child may arrive in school not wearing full uniform. The school will offer replacement school trousers and jersey to pupils presenting out of uniform. The Principal / Deputy Principal will deal with all uniform matters at 12.35p.m. that have not been addressed first thing in the morning. Pupils will not be admitted to class in jeans. Pupils are expected to adhere to the full school uniform as defined in the School Journal: the school uniform reflects the sense of belonging to the school community and parity of esteem in which each individual is held. Notwithstanding genuine reasons, note or telephone call to confirm reasons why a pupil is not in uniform, the school will operate a standard supervised detention at lunchtime for pupils not co-operating with full uniform. Pupils may do homework or study during this time. Pupils who have a genuine reason for being out of uniform should bring a letter signed by a parent/guardian to the teacher in charge of uniform. This must be done first thing in the morning before 9.00a.m. School Jersey / Trousers will be offered to pupils presenting out of uniform. Persistent disregard for uniform will be addressed through the Code of Behaviour and the Board will deal with pupils refusing to co-operate with the policy.

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