Thursday, 30 March 2017

Message from Inishowen Carnival Group

From: Inishowen Carnival Group <>
Sent: 22 March 2017 10:44
To: Elaine Farren
Subject: thanks

Hi Elaine

Can you please pass on my thanks to all the students who took part so enthusiastically in the Dublin St Patrick's Parade. We have had lots of positive comments on our section of the parade, including the energetic performance and audience interaction from our performers and i am delighted with how everything went on the day.

The participation of the transition year students is a vital part of our performance, finding 60 people willing to dance and drag props of various shapes and sizes round the streets of Dublin is not an easy task and we are very grateful for your participation these last few years.

I probably shouldn't single anyone out, but the boys pulling the merman prop probably had the hardest job on the day - largest, heaviest most awkward prop (with a burst tyre to add to the trouble for the last part of the parade) and they didn’t stop working for the whole two + hours of the parade to make sure they never lost touch with the group in front of them.

So thanks again to everyone for taking part and I hope they all enjoyed the experience.

Many thanks

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